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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

St.John's - OBA South Sri Lanka & Chundikuli - PPA Colombo Christmas Carols and Dinner 2016

Dear Johnian,

The joint annual Christmas Carols and Dinner of St. Johns college, Jaffna (OBA SSL) and Chundikuli Girls’ College PPA, is scheduled to be held on 13th December 2016, at St. Paul’s Church, Milagiriya from 5.30pm onwards. 

The Carol Service will commence at 5.30pm.

We have planned to elevate the event by going a step further with mouthwatering cuisine raffle draw which comprises invaluable gifts and a DJ to dance the night through.

The ticket prices are as follows;

    Adults     – Rs 1000/-
    Students  – Rs 750/-
    Kids        – Rs 500/- (Aged between 6 and 12)

Please hurry and get your tickets by contacting one of the following, preferably after office hours. 

·         Mr B Balajeyandhan  : Mobile  075 919 7110 

·         Mr Philips Thuraisingham  : Mobile  077 370 1024 

.         Mr Rasiah Loganathan  : Mobile  077 299 0660

·         Mr Dinesh Ebenezer (Convener)  Mobile 0773 100 481

 Please come with your family and enjoy the night. 

A Special Note to Parents

Dear Parents

We were informed by Santa that he would arrive in Srlanka only on the 13th evening and come direct to the event only with his hand luggage. He will not have time to buy gifts for the kids as such he wants all the parents to bring gifts for their kids to be distributed by him , while doing so he wants the gifts to be nicely packed and LABELED with the names of their kids .

We have arranged a designated person ( a special desk is arranged for this purpose) to collect the gifts on behalf of Santa , please hand over your gifts at this desk .

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

 Yours truly,

Balasingham Balajeyandhan
(Honorary Secretary)